We are currently seeking an experienced BASS player, as our current one will be leaving us soon. Our set list is a combination of RJD solo material from his first three solo albums and RJD-era Black Sabbath.

The band was formed in late 2016, and is made up of experienced San Diego-based musicians. We have *free* practice space at a convenient location near major highways. We have a working set list of 20 songs and have been playing out semi-regularly. This is a side project for some of us; most of the band members have other projects going on besides this one, so its no problem if you are in another band. We are looking for someone to play the parts as close to the original versions as possible.

We all have and use pro-gear, have our own reliable transportation and day jobs, and we would want the same from any potential new addition to our band. We rehearse about every two weeks, and plan to gig as much as our individual schedules allow. None of us have substance abuse issues, and we are generally not 420 friendly (what you do at home is your own business). That being said, we are all very laid back and there are no attitudes or egos with us.

- When responding, **please provide a link to a recent live performance and/or a recent video or audio sample file**. Without this we have nothing to go off of, and we wont be able to answer your email. We gotta hear what you'll potentially be bringing to the table. 
- Also, give us something to get to know you by - a link to your Facebook page, YouTube page, etc. Or provide a detailed description of your history/bio. 
- To make things easier, all communications will be done over email until we set up auditions. No phone calls or texts.

Email us at